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  •       TO BE LEADERS:  To Take responsibility and charge of a situation under pressure.  To not shy away from a difficult situation but
    welcome it as a challenge to make them stronger.  To not allow others to make decisions for them.  If they fail, they made the decisions on
    their own and will learn from the outcome.

TO SHOW GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP:  Showing enthusiasm, spirit and courage at all times.  To Handle Coaching, Advice and Criticism in a
positive manner and improve.  Always remain humble, gracious and respectful on and off the field.  To carry themselves the same regardless of
victory or defeat.

TO BE A COMPETITOR:  Possessing a strong determination to win and advance.  To take Pride in their appearance and skill.  And, to never
give up. To be tougher than the opponents they face.  To play with concentration and intensity, knowing the situation and becoming students of
the game.  To not be satisfied with the Silver.  Push themselves to win the Gold.

TO BE DEDICATED:  Being well conditioned and taking their exercise and diet seriously.  Be early and ready to go, making every event and
practice.  Work outside of practice to increase their skill levels in areas that they may need improvement.

TO BE LOYAL:  Find a team and stick with them.  Do not change jerseys like underwear.  If your team is not winning, work harder.  Set an
example for others to follow and encourage your team mates to get better.  Work at advancement together.  Create friendships that will last a life
time and move forward as a group.  

TO BALANCE THEIR LIVES:  That they are students first.  That their education is their jobs and is the most important thing they have going
on.  Complete their school work and strive to be the best Student and Student Athlete they can become.  To be good Sons, Daughters, Brothers
and Sisters.  To take a non violent and non confrontational path and talk their problems through.  To practice their religious beliefs and balance
their priorities.  To show respect to everyone they meet.  Do not forget their manners.  To Say thank you and shake people's hands.  To get
involved in helping to make their communities  and planet a better place to live.
Rancho Cucamonga, California